Highlights of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Don Duco

Original Title:
Hoogtepunten uit het Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Publication Year:

Amsterdam Pipe Museum (Stichting Pijpenkabinet)


With over 35.000 objects, the Amsterdam Pipe Museum manages an extensive collection of smoking equipment and related objects. In this web presentation, a choice of a hundred objects will be highlighted and explained in more detail. The selection is representative of the wide variety within the collection. What binds the objects is that they are highlights, but in different respects. Often they are special pieces because of their historical value, sometimes they are visitors favourites, in other cases objects with a remarkable beauty or a bizarre appearance. The story behind the object also plays a role in the choice. All these museum objects form a link in the history of smoking, a worldwide history that has an infinite number of aspects. Click on the links on the right and read more about the unexpected aspects of the global smoking culture.

Those who want to orient themselves on the best pieces from the Amsterdam Pipe Museum collection can use the link below to make a wider selection. Then more than one thousand objects emerge that are qualified as the most characteristic by the curator. However, these are not described as the hundred toppers and explained with their own story. They are taken directly from the collection database.

Click here for the 1000 most representative objects from the collection from old to new.

Of course, this choice is subjective. The collection of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum contains many remarkable objects that would also qualify for inclusion in this list. These can be found in the second selection behind the following link. This shows about 4,500 objects that we consider to be in the A + B category. Within this top five thousand are also relatively ordinary objects that are of great importance to the history of the pipe, but by no means always have a high attraction value.

Click here for a wider selection of 4,500 most beautiful objects from all sub-collections.




Pipes made of clay

Ceramic smoking pipes

Porcelain as a material

The magical meerschaum

European wooden pipes

Other European pipes

Pipes from North and South America

Pipes from Africa

Pipes from Asia

Pipe making tools

Tabacological objects

Curiosities and miscellaneous