The assortment of Amsterdam Pipe Shop

The most commonly used material for pipe production is a special type of wood: briar, officially called Erica arborea. This is the root of a shrub that grows all over the Mediterranean including North Africa. This briar pipe is the general pipe with which you see every pipe smoker.

Amsterdam Pipe Shop has the widest range of modern briar wood pipes in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not an average choice of tobacco pipes, but a range of more than 3000 pipes from all leading Western European factories and countless smaller workshops. The range varies from classic shapes to the most exclusive straight-grains in special designs. Prices range from sixty euros up to around a thousand.

In addition to briar, meerschaum is a very suitable material for pipes, but only if it is real block meerschaum. Online, in particular, synthetic pressed meerschaum is for sale, which has nowhere near the smoke quality of a real meerschaum pipe because this material lacks the porosity. You better buy the real meerschaum in a specialized, trusted pipe shop, such as ours. We import the meerschaum pipes directly from Turkey and can guarantee that you will get a real block meerschaum. This soft and porous material guarantees a pleasant smoking experience. While the most striking pipes have a hand-cut bowls, most smokers prefer a simple smooth style for use. We have these in all sizes in stock.

A real specialty in our range is the choice of rare vintage pipes, brands that have long since disappeared from the market and are therefore no longer produced. They are also called "old stock vintage", because these pipes have never been smoked, are in new condition. Some of these brands are sought after for their elegant 1950s design or for their excellent quality briar wood. Brands that you will find in vain elsewhere, but are in our drawer are: