Trust us

Amsterdam Pipe Museum is a museum institution with a social function. That is why the museum dmakes every effort to act with integrity, but also to be reliable and transparent. In addition to a keen eye of our management, our actions are also externally monitored. Two quality marks show that after examination and assessment the museum complies with the legal requirements and the rules that apply within the museum world.

The Dutch tax authorities have designated the Pijpenkabinet Foundation, which formally manages the museum, as a Cultural Institution for General Benefit or Charity in short (in Dutch: ANBI or Algemeen Nut Beogend Instelling). Read more on this link to see what the advantages are, both for us as a museum and for the (virtual) visitor.


The Museumregister of the Netherlands was set up by the branch organisation of museums, the Museum Association, a public listing of museums that demonstrably meet all criteria for a high-quality interpretation of the tasks of a museum. These criteria are summarized in the Museum Standard.

Amsterdam Pipe Museum has been included in this Museum Register since 24-11-2006 and is therefore eligible use the label 'Registered Museum' as an accreditation mark.  

geregistreerd museum

The museum itself wants to be open about its activities by publishing the annual report and condensed annual accounts (in Dutch). These can be found on the following pages:

Finally, there are specific associations in our field and general tourist organizations that express publicly their appreciation for our museum. This may be apparent from winning an award or by being invited by balloting to join a club. For this we refer to a separate page;
Follow this link to the Award page.