Books published by the Amsterdam Pipe Museum

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum has been active in research and publishing its results for decades.

The countless articles written by the museum's curator can be found on the separate Articles page (click here).

The museum's curator, D.H. Duco MA, got an important award as early as 1988. The Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences awarded him the Johan de la Court Prize in recognition of the then promising nature of his research. This has been proven in many books and articles that followed.

Below are the books that the museum has produced - either in-house or together with a publisher - each with a detailed description. These books are available in the museum shop in Amsterdam and online in the webshop.


The pipe-makers in Gouda, their marks and ordinances

(original title: Merken en merkenrecht van de pijpenmakers in Gouda )

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Profound study into the history of the pipemakers mark over three centuries, easily accessible with the English summary of each chapter. The complete list of over 1,000 Gouda pipe marks, all illustrated with their variations, holds also the names of the makers working on these marks, including their dating. The ultimate instrument to date Dutch clay pipes and identify them onto the individual maker. 5 Registers for easy reference.

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260 pages, 1,700 marks, large size (29x29 cm), hardcover


The Dutch Clay Tobacco Pipe, manual for dating and determination

(original title: De Nederlandse kleipijp, handboek voor dateren en determineren )

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Manual for dating and identifying the Dutch clay tobacco pipe. The book presents the development of shapes, marks and decorations. In the back it introduces a new, so-called deductive datingsystem, now gnerally applied in the Netherlands. Indispensable for reference. In 1988 the book was rewarded by the Royal Academy of Sciende.

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160 pages, 800 drawings and photographs, English summary


Century of Change, final florish and ultimate fall of the European Clay pipe

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Unique study of the design of clay pipes in the periode 1830 to 1940, based on the rare catalogues of the producers. The book discuss the most intersting era of the history of the tobacco pipe: a century in which the figural pipebowl comes to an unknown florish, followed by a decline of the craft. This evaluation is infuenced by aspects of fashion, smoking habits, economy and politics. Illustrated with over 300 pages from authentic pipe catalogues.

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192 pages, 363 illustrations, full English text


Royal Goedewaagen, a versatile ceramic factory

(Original title: Koninklijke Goedewaagen (1779-1982), een veelzijdig ceramisch bedrijf )

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Reference work on the famous Dutch factory of pipes and ceramics: Royal Goedewaagen. In two hunderd years this small family buisiness in clay pipes expanded to a large factory producing ceramics (artwork and utility ware) alongside the claypipes. The products are discussed in the scope of history, sodial backgrounds, design and economic possibilities. Richly illustrated with historical pictures and products.

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224 pages, 324 photographs, 171 marks


Pipe Catalogue of Goedewaagen 1906, including historic introduction and extensive nomenclature with descriptions

(Original title: Firma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon, Fabrikantencatalogus uit 1906, voorzien van historische inleiding en naamregister )

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Reprint of the extensive pipe catalogue of 1906 illustrating several hundreds of clay pipes. The index gives unique information on the original names, the retail prices at the time and production period. Don Duco presents his knowledgeble view on the development of the assortment of this famous Dutch pipe factory.

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126 pages, 461 pipes illustrated


The Intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes

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Overview of smoking culture all over the world, illustrated in full-colour: a beautiful source of information ever cited on practically every kind of pipe to be found in the world! Also to be regarded as the catalogue of the extensive collection of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum.

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80 pages, 120 photographs


De tabakspijp als Oranje-propaganda

(Original title: De tabakspijp als Oranje-propaganda )

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A pleasant to read book that for the first time examines the social position of the clay pipe in the period from 1630 to 1990. Embossed decorations on clay pipes also provide a thorough introduction in the decorated pipe from the first quarter of the seventeenth century to in the twentieth century.

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144 pages, over 125 photos


Opium and Opium Smoking, a source book

(Original title: Opium & opiumschuiven, een bronnenboek )

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Opium and opium smoking is an intriguing and beloved subject. The book is a source book on the subject based on all international literature. It starts with the cultivation of the papaver to the production of opium. The role of opium in the history of the world is shown in the trade and policy, with as climax the two Chinese Opium Wars. Also attention is payed to the use of opium: from the lonely smoker to the luxourious opium den. Never before the opium pipe and its paraphernalia were treated so thouroughfully. Material, symbolism and craftmenship are part of the Chinese applied art. Altogether, a source book on all aspects of opium.

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256 pages, 236 illustrations


Marks of Dutch Clay Pipes from Gouda

(Original title: Merken van Goudse pijpenmakers 1660-1940 )

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727 marks of Gouda pipemakers including their names and dating. This book primary serves to be used in the field for quick dating of pipefinds. The complete survey of makers' marks is listed below.

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128 pages, over 700 illustrations




Magazine edited by the former Pijpenkabinet museum, now Amsterdam Pipe Museum, from 1975 till 1985 containing numerous articles on tobacco pipes, with special attention to clay pipes. Bound edition in blue buckram with gilt lettering.

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446 pages, hundreds of illustrations, extend index