Amsterdam Pipe Shop

The national specialty store for tobacco pipes goes by the name Amsterdam Pipe Shop and is part of the Foundation.
Our exquisite range of pipes and additonal accessories, offers the largest choice in the country. In addition, the employees provide excellent service with their professional knowledge.


The commercial activities of Amsterdam Pipe Shop fully benefit the Amsterdam Pipe Museum, the national museum with international allure. However, the shop is freely accessible from the basement.

The Amsterdam Pipe Shop range consists of three main groups:

  • Modern smoking pipes (in wood, meerschaum, clay and ceramic) supplemented with pipe tobacco and smoking accessories.
  • Antique pipes and tabacology from Europe and of ethnographic origin (Africa, Asia, America)
  • Antiquarian and new books on these topics

Of course it is impossible to put the entire stock on the internet. We always have a minimum of 3,000 modern tobacco pipes in stock. We have never even been able to count the number of antique pipes, but it runs into the many thousands.
A selection you can find in our online webshop through this link.
On this site we can only give an impression of the special atmosphere and unprecedented choice. You are very welcome in the store to experience the hospitable atmosphere, good service and astonishing knowledge of Amsterdam Pipe Shop for yourself.

In addition, a selected number of items is offered online. Take a look at


Amsterdam Pipe Shop

open: Monday through Saturday 12am to 6pm.

Prinsengracht 488 - Amsterdam - The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)20 - 42 11 779

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