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This page contains complete, illustrated articles written by the curator of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum and some others. Some also in English translation. As a curator, Don Duco has spent many years researching the background of the museum objects. He used old literature that is available in our library. In addition, he has conducted comparative research in archives and collections all over Europe.

In these articles the objects are given their context, so that the reader learns about their origin, production process or meaning in the time of their creation.

In the search form on this page you enter the search question, then click on 'search'. In the Theme search field, a number of themes are proposed under which the articles are classified.

In the articles you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it. If you click on the collection number below the photo, you will get the full information of that object in a new tab.

In the text you will sometimes find footnotes in square brackets, for example [5.] By clicking on them the cursor jumps to the note, via the number in front of the note you jump back to the text.

If you don't want to read but prefer to look at pictures, go to the 'Browse the collection' page. Here you will find photos from all sub-collections and other groups, arranged according to type, shape or material. Each page has its own brief explanation. Of course you can click through from each image on the collection number to the detail info.