Tampers and pipe tools

A typical accessory for the pipe smoker is the pipe cleaner. It can be a simple instrument to remove ashes from the pipe bowl after smoking. It is a very Dutch object that hasn’t been used so commonly in any other country. Perhaps this has to do with the long, fragile clay pipes that were smoked here.

There have been many silver pipe cleaners. They were grateful gift items for birthday or a special anniversary, or as a prize in the militia. The figural crowning of the pin offers every possibility for a suitable motif. In addition to silver, there has been a lot of cottage industry, in which the bone or wooden pin gave ample opportunity to do something useful in the long lasting evening hours.

The English pipe smoker does not know the cleaner, he uses a pipe stopper. The serial brass examples such as the hand with pipe and the woman's leg are the most common. Other stoppers seem like unique, although a second one always pops up. Germany has the beautiful Flohbein, an elegant ladies leg of porcelain painted with a shoe and stocking seam, intended as a luxury pipe stopper.

In the twentieth century, cleaner and stopper are combined into a practical threefold pipe tool. The smoker needs a handy instrument to push down the tobacco, but also to clean out his pipe and remove the excess ashes. Just like the stoppers and cleaners, the three-piece cutlery sets have been a source of inspiration for designers, reflecting status and taste. How about a fifteen carat gold set, or a piece in solid silver. If you want to be modern or brand focused you choose steel or a Porsche design

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