informative bulletin on clay tobacco pipes


From 1975 till 1985 Don Duco has published a magazine entirely dedicated to the history of the clay tobacco pipe. The series started from the Pijpenkamer, the museum in Amsterdam at the occasion of the opening. When the museum moved to Leiden in 1982 the magazine was continued without interruption. The magazine Pijpelijntjes is a valuable and useful source of knowledge because all the information if fully dedicated to the clay tobacco pipe: excavated pipes from the Low Countries with emphasis on Gouda, historic Dutch clay pipes, French, German and English makers. Also, pipes from Africa, Asia and America are included. All topics are treated in extensive articles with many illustrations.

From the complete series we still have some copies in stock, beautifully held in steady blue buckram binding with gild text on the back. The collector-researcher acquires with that volume an important instrument with a wide variety of information on a specialised subject. Going through the series the reader meets with many different aspects of the clay tobacco pipe world-wide.

Of great importance is the index that is inserted in the back of every book. In this index all names, dates, marks, shape names, geographic sites and any other subject that might be of importance is listed. This large index, in fact six indices giving their own entrance, makes that searching through the volume give a quick result.


Publisher: Pijpenkabinet Foundation, Amsterdam, 1975-1985

ISBN 90-70849-16-X

446 pages, many hundreds of illustrations, size 29,5 x 23 cm

bound in blue buckram with gold printing on the back.


Price € 125,- (excluding P&P)