Awards for the museum

In the fifty years of existence of the collection, several homages were awarded to the museum or to the curator as a representative of the museum. We proudly show you a number of these awards.


European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award

21.372bis  overig-europa-nostra-award-2020

In 2020, Don Duco, curator of the museum, received this prestigious trophy, that is awarded annually by the European Commission. In addition to the more general prizes for restorations of historic buildings, education and research, Ducos’ award falls in the rare category "dedicated service" or years of dedication to a cultural cause. This constituted an accolade for his great merits for the museum during 50 years. 

Johan de la Court-Prize

This prize for promising scientific research, carried out by people without a university appointment, was awarded to Don Duco in 1987 by the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam. This was an enormous encouragement for Duco to continue his work as a researcher of the history of the pipe and resulted in numerous publications of his hand in the following years.

Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice

This award, which the museum received in 2020, is an homage that stems from the appreciation of visitors, of the public. After years of tracking of Tripadvosor visitors' reviews, it turns out that the public is so enthusiastic that the museum is in the top 10% of places that are most appreciated by the public.

Tripadvosor Certificate of Excellence

#16 van 877 dingen om te doen#9 van musea in Adam

This award is also an reward given by the public. For five consecutive years, the ratings on Tripadvisor by visitors to the Amsterdam Pipe Museum have been far above average. This results in a Certificate of Excellence, a prize for excellent service to the visitor who has had a great experience as a result.

The good ratings have resulted in the museum being in the top of Tripadvisor, see these listings: # 16 of 877 attractions in Amsterdam in 2021!


Artifex Award

On 13 November 1999, the museum received the Artifex Award from Artifex director René Dessing for the initiative to open a private collection to the public as a museum. The personal attention for the visitor provided by this collector's house was particularly appreciated by the jury: each visitor is personally guided.


In addition to the awards, there are honourable memberships of clubs that are only accessible by invitation and after balloting.


Confrérie de Maitres Pipiers

21.226bis  varia-draaglint-confrerie-1

The Brotherhood of pipe makers from Saint-Claude, the capital of the French pipe industry, annually invites a select number of new members who are sworn in as ambassadors of the pipe during a solemn ceremony. Don Duco was admitted as Confrère in 1988, Benedict Goes followed as Confrère in 2002. At the inauguration, the new member receives a badge of honour with the coat of arms of the city of Saint-Claude on a beautiful piece of briar wood.

Confrérie de Jean Nicot

21.260  arch-dimploma-jean-nicot

This French / Belgian association is committed to the peaceful and courteous coexistence of smokers and non-smokers and annually invites a few enthusiasts who can serve as ambassadors for good taste. Benedict Goes was admitted as a member in 1990 and received the decorations.