Colorful cigarette packs

From 1850 the cigarette conquered the European market. Although most tobacco comes from the Balkans and producers from Turkey, the Egyptian cigarette has been marketed for half a century. With corresponding design in Egyptian atmosphere and even names in phonetic Arabic or even in Arabic script.

Cigarette factories also started in the Netherlands around 1900, but they too followed the Egyptian trend for years to come. Such as Brooches, Ed Laurens and Turmac who even gives it an Art Deco twist, recognizable from a distance. From 1930 the much lighter Virginia cigarette becomes popular, for which a completely new design is introduced. The iconic Miss Blanche, an almost Marilyn Monroe-esque appearance, is the pinnacle of the new, fashionable way of smoking. New names soon will follow such as American cocktail, Clipper, Everest and Apollo.

When after the war women really became a large target group, specific brands such as Belinda become popular. Again a symbol of the modern woman, but now with short cropped bleached hair. From the 1970s and 1980s, smaller brands emerged with purely graphic designs in which only the name stands out and a fixed color pattern for recognisability.

We leave out the health warning packets at the end of the twentieth century, as well as the unpleasant but also ludicrous depictions of medical complications to deter chain smokers.

APM 29.038
APM 29.030
APM 29.364
APM 29.060a
APM 29.069
APM 29.268
APM 29.362b
APM 29.302a
APM 29.081a
APM 29.383
APM 29.093
APM 29.098
APM 29.101
APM 29.109
APM 29.110b
APM 29.119b
APM 29.384d
APM 29.120
APM 29.264e
APM 29.124
APM 29.077a
APM 29.128
APM 29.140
APM 29.143
APM 29.147
APM 29.149
APM 29.150
APM 29.152
APM 29.154
APM 29.155
APM 29.323
APM 29.453
APM 29.160
APM 29.161a
APM 29.169
APM 29.135
APM 29.171
APM 29.359a
APM 29.187
APM 29.436
APM 29.441
APM 29.357
APM 29.347
APM 29.354
APM 29.184
APM 29.158
APM 29.433a
APM 29.264b