Catalogues briar pipes

After a few simple prints from the Interbellum years, luxury pipe catalogues were created during the post-war period. With full-grown brochures in beautiful design and with attractive colour printing the manufacturer proudly shows his assortment.

In first instance, the catalogue is intended for the retailer, who can use it to order pipes for his shop. It is a privilege for the customer to have a look at the catalogue; taking one home is an extraordinary favour.

Photography gets all the attention. Although a catalogue with uniform photos is in principle boring, variation is sought so that the result stands out. Furthermore, the graphic design shows the fashions of the day, ranging from subdued and dull in the 1950s to lively to artificial at the turn of the century. Today, the catalogue is an important source to get to know the range of that moment. Preserved pipes can often be dated sharply when we browse the manufacturer's catalogues.