Selection of standard works and other books on historical smoking pipes

The library of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum contains thousands of books, covering many different themes. From the cultivation of the Nicotiana tabacum to tips on how to enjoy a pipe of tobacco. The discussion about smoking versus not smoking and controversial topics such as hash and opium are part of our book collection as well.

The core of the museum library, however, consists of books that deal with the cultural-historical background of the pipe, both historical and ethnographic. Standard works are often used because they are always a source of knowledge. It is no objection for a historical subject if the book was written fifty years ago or even longer. It is precisely these books that form the basis of knowledge about tobacco pipes worldwide.

In addition, there are of course countless monographs which may not be a standard work, but which have an interesting view or which describe a specific collection. There you can find just something that the major overview works do not pay attention to. For that reason, this page contains all the must haves about old and antique pipes. Anyone who has studied these books can rightly call themselves a connoisseur.return-knop-klein