Advertising cigarettes

The heavy Turkish and Egyptian cigarettes, so common before the war, disappeared from the market in the 1950s; the American cigarette conquers the European market. The Virginia tobacco is so light that deep inhalation becomes the norm. Brands such as Northstate and Everest emphasize this light taste. The popularity and the group of users are growing, so the advertising explicitly targets women as well.

The different factories are in fierce competition. Advertising becomes a necessity for successful sales. Especially the cigarette brands that create a consistent image are growing. The campaigns are so penetrating that the anchormen sometimes even became international heroes. Who doesn't know the Marlborough man? Everything to underline the Wild-West character. A brand like Camel prefers to show exotic adventure. In this way, each brand creates its own atmosphere and the smoker chooses the style that suits them: toughness, luxury, distinction, individualism.

These are heydays for stylists and photographers, who exhaust themselves in endless imaginations. Advertising photos are popping up everywhere, from cigarette packs to billboards. The four-color printing technique makes everything possible, as these magazine advertisements show.