Welcome to the website of the ultimate museum on the theme of worldwide culture of pipesmoking, in other words: the wonderful cultural traditions of pipe smoking, around the world. Because the pipe, a personal attribute for enjoyment & relaxation, but also for rituals & traditions, is truly a mirror of society. This is not only true for European tobacco pipes, but also for the opium pipe and the water pipe.

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The museum

This unique museum is located centrally on one of Amsterdam's famous canals in a fairly inconspicuous canal house: the Amsterdam Pipe Museum. Inside, marvel at the unexpected wealth of shapes and materials, design and meaning of pipes from all continents. The historic interior of the canal house from 1670 forms a suitable backdrop for this collection of a private collector. Since 1989 the museum has been managed by a foundation, which is listed as a Registered Museum.

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Not to be missed
The museum has no world-famous masterpieces, but all the more objects that you will not find in any other museum: the oldest pipe in the world from 550 BC, a work of art from 1897 of twenty intertwined clay pipes of one meter each, a meerschaum tobacco pipe with a lid with seven silver cannons that steam when smoking the pipe, an ivory smoking pipe from the Chinese opium culture. The variety never ceases to amaze you.

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