Marks of Clay Pipes from Gouda 1660-1940

Original title: Merken van Goudse pijpenmakers 1660-1940


D.H. Duco

This small-size publication is specially produced to be kept in the pocket while field walking. After a brief introduction in the pipe maker's mark the author offers an extensive list of Gouda pipemaker's marks. Next to the illustration of the mark the peirod of use is indicated. Except for Gouda marks also imitations from other centres are illustrated, including some out of Holland.

Don Duco, Gouda pipe makers marks
Don Duco, Gouda pipe makers marks

Since the publishing of his opus magnum Merken en merkenrecht van de pijpenmakers in Gouda in 2003 the small sized mark book is no longer the complete guide for the pipe maker's mark. Those who want to cite correctly can not succeed without the new publication, but in the field this book still is an important instrument for first orientation.

This publication, often cited as the small Duco, is the most sold book from the Amsterdam Pipe Museum. Over 3,000 copies found their way to users in Holland as well as overseas.

Don Duco, Gouda pipe makers marks
Don Duco, Gouda pipe makers marks

In 2003 the Amsterdam Pipe Museum published an updated and extended version of this list of maker's marks in The pipe-makers of Gouda, their marks and ordinances (click here for a bookreview).


Publisher: De Tijdstroom, Lochem/Pijpenkabinet Foundation, Amsterdam, 1982

ISBN 90-6087-779-9

128 pages, 12 x 17 cm, softcover

15 photos, 727 maker's marks

Price € 20 (excluding P&P)