Iconic briar pipes

Until 1950, the briar pipe was mainly a solid and traditional utensil, with a limited choice of shapes, straight or curved. Adequate for the conservative pipe smoker. But after that comes real variation with more attention to quality which is reflected in better selection of the wood, clever use of the grain structure and more luxurious mouthpieces. Due to the general economic growth, the pipe smoker is also prepared to pay significantly more for his pipe.

Different European countries are developing their own style. The English pipe remains conservative and classic in line. Dunhill is leading the way. The system pipe or dry smoker - Falcon as the most famous frontrunner - is a product of the aluminum industry from just before the war and will hold the market for decades. Look-alikes are made in different countries but turn out to be a disappointment for many smokers. The Danish freehand is developed in the 1960s and once established it gets a long run-off, even in imitation.

In the 1980s, artisan workshops flourished in Italy, especially in the Pesaro region. The master pipe maker knows how to exploit the beauty of the wood and continues to amaze with beautiful designs and perfect finish. A line that continues well into the twenty-first century. Those who cannot compete with that look for something playful, such as spray paint or a colorful acrylic mouthpiece.

In short, in terms of design, there is still a lot to experience in the tobacco pipe after 1950. Scroll through the various designs and experience that even in recent decades the tobacco pipe has been a fascinating object that sometimes combines skilled crafts with art, in other cases beauty with practical use.

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