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The collection of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum has been fully digitized. The online database is constantly evolving. Almost every day information about the museum objects is supplemented and corrected, acquisitions are added. At this moment 37,193 objects are available in the online database, complete with all information. Illustrated with 190,735 unique object photos.

For centuries, smoking tobacco and other stimulants has been widespread worldwide with a major impact on daily life. Mind-expanding or hunger-calming, for a buzz or rest. This has resulted in special traditions, customs and rituals, which together form the worldwide smoking culture. The objects in our collection are the mirror of this smoking culture.

To see the great diversity of the collection, you can choose a sub-collection from the fixed-queries at the left hand side. The search form to the right offers the opportunity to select by material, manufacturing technique, origin, etc. Just type 3 or more letters after which a drop-down list appears with terms that match your search term. You can combine various search fields, but also put multiple search terms in one search field (or click away on the cross).

The results are presented from old to new. Click on a photo and you will receive all the corresponding information. You can refine the search result in any search field. For a new search click the Reset button to have a fresh start.

Enjoy the wealth of shapes, materials and design.

If you find it difficult to make a selection, go to the "Browse the collection" page. Here you will find photos from all sub-collections, arranged by type, shape or material. Each page has its own brief explanation.