Museum number:

APM 445




press mould


"EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT" (unity is strength)


Press mould of brass in two parts for clay tobacco pipe with oval bowl, heel and straight stem with knob mouthpiece. Bowl a so-called middelkop (middle size) carved with on the stem-side of the bowl in relief the personification of freedom represented by a standing Virgin with hat on a staff, a lion lying behind her, representation within a text ribbon with "EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT" (unity makes power) and surrounded by weaponry, two standing grenadiers of an exercise society on either side with bearskin and sash and rifle with bayonet. Mould seam on the reverse a crowned city coat of arms of Gouda with thorns, the underside hemmed with leaves. Heel left quality mark Gouda coat of arms. Stem zigzag roughened. Crown above the pipe bowl two iron pins. Mould nine iron locking pins, mould bowl old engraved shape number "219", embossed shape number "313/1".


Vormdatum 1780 - 1795
Productiedatum 1780 - 1880


GeneralLength25.39 in (64.5 cm)
Thickness1.57 in (4 cm)
BowlHeight2.09 in (5.3 cm)
Width1.02 in (2.6 cm)
StemLength21.46 in (54.5 cm)
Pipe type stem pipe
Pipe shape oval
Materialbrass (metal)
Techniquecast metal
Other materialsiron (metal)
Traces of use slijtage
Region internationalWestern Europe
CountryThe Netherlands
Region nationalSouth Holland
MakerFirma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon
Trade number 313
Trade name gesneden grootkop ES gladde schenk
Year 1978
Provenance Schoonloo, Aart Goedewaagen
Schoonloo, particulier bezit familie Goedewaagen, 1978
Gouda, Koninklijke Goedewaagen, fabrieksinventaris, 1919-1978
Gouda, firma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon, 1880-1919
Gouda, Pieter Goedewaagen, <1875-1880
Bekend met het hielmerk ES gekroond oude versie door Goedewaagen gezet.
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