Museum number:

APM 21.678


wooden pipes


tobacco pipe


cover with hunter with dog and shot deer


Tobacco pipe made of wood with bag-shaped bowl, round bottom and ascending stem ending in a stub. Undecorated. Mounted with a silver valve cover with a seated hunter with a dog next to him on the lenticular valve, a shot deer at his feet, the clamping spring a reclining lion, the air inlet on either side a fish. Stem plate and stem holder in silver, against the plate a standing man with legs spread, arms spread, dressed in eighteenth century costume, maker's mark of cloverleaf with initials "OFH" (FOH) stamped in front.


Period 1830 - 1850


GeneralHeight4.49 in (11.4 cm)
BowlHeight3.35 in (8.5 cm)
Width2.28 in (5.8 cm)
StemLength4.72 in (12 cm)
Pipe type stub stemmed pipe
Pipe shape bag shape
Materialburl (wood)
Techniqueturned (on a lathe)
Other materialssilver (metal)
Oher techniquesforged
Other colourswhite
Finish gepolijst
Traces of use gerookt
Region internationalWestern Europe
Mark klaverblad + OFH (ingeslagen, steelplaat)
Year 2013
Provenance Hofheim-Diedenbergen, collectie Rainer Immensack, 1999-2013
Nashville, Museum of Tobacco Art & History, 1982-1998
Letchmore Heath, Trevor Barton sr., <1970-1982
Ben Rapaport (Benjamin Rapaport), A complete guide to collecting Antique Pipes. Exton, PA, 1979. p 103, foto rechts boven. Dit exemplaar. Bijschrift: A Kalmasch mottled boxwood with silver figural ornamentation of the hunt.
Ben Rapaport (Benjamin Rapaport), Museum of Tobacco Art & History Guide Book. Nashville, TN, 1996. p 3.30. Dit exemplaar. Bijschrift: Burl-wood pipe bowl. Europe, c. 1830, 4-1/2"H. x 6-1/2"L. This pipe has a silver-plated wind cap decorated with figures of a hunter, dog and stag.
Don Duco, Object van de maand. Amsterdam, 2001. oktober 2013, nr 149. Beknopte bespreking van dit exemplaar.
Nashville, Museum of Tobacco Art & History, permanente presentatie, <1990-2000

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