Museum number:

APM 20.831


smokers' utensils


snuff rasp


cartouche with two people, naked figure, fruit basket


Snuff rasp made of ivory with elongated conical shape with an iron grater on the back with piercing holes, above it an oval-shaped flap, the front half-round and carved, an outlet with a bowl at the end. Front in the center of a cartouche with arched top two seated figures, on the left an old woman next to a rake and watering can, on the right a young woman with sickle, on the left behind an orange tree in tub, below the image a dancing angel, above two angels with a fruit basket. Cover on the reverse a winged fool sitting on an arrow quiver with an arrow in his hand, next to him a bow. Along the lower left edge an old repair of a crack fixed with a metal pin.


Period 1720 - 1760


GeneralHeight8.98 in (22.8 cm)
Width2.4 in (6.1 cm)
Thickness0.98 in (2.5 cm)
Materialivory (animal material)
Colourivory white
Other materialsiron, silver (metal)
Traces of use slijtage
Region internationalWestern Europe
Region nationalSeine Maritime
Year 2011
Provenance Groningen, Niemeyer Tabaksmuseum, <1975-2011, nr 190 (oud nr 664.18)
Georg Alfred Brongers, Van Gouwenaar tot bruyère pijp. Amerongen, 1978. p 106. Dit exemplaar. Bijschrift: Ivoren snuifrasp, zgn. 'travail de Dieppe', begin 18e eeuw.
Groningen, Niemeyer Tabaksmuseum, 1978-2010, verdieping.
Breda, Turfschip, tentoonstelling "Toeback-Tabak", 11-20 april 1981.
Mechelen, Centrum voor Speelgoed en Volkskunde, tentoonstelling "Hij die geen pijpje roken kan", 15 november 1985 - 15 oktober 1986.
Amsterdam, Pijpenkabinet, tentoonstelling "De edele mode van het snuiven, objecten rondom snuiftabak uit de Niemeyer collectie", 1 november - 15 december 2011.
Amsterdam Pipe Museum, tentoonstelling "Cultuur snuiven, de geheimen van snuiftabak", 27 augustus - 10 december 2016.

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