Museum number:

APM 20.087


meerschaum pipes


tobacco pipe


lid with golden ducat, flexible stem


Tobacco pipe of meerschaum with a constricted octagonal bowl, lenticular base without heel marking and slightly ascending stem with inconspicuous stub. Bowl and stem undecorated. Silver valve cover with octagonal shape with a gold ducat mounted in a pearl circle in the lid, the side with the standing armored knight visible with the inscription "CONCORDIA RES PAR:CRES:TRA:" and the year "1803", lid inside text part with "MO:ORD:PROVIN:FOEDER: BELGIAN AD LEG IMP". Stem mounted with stem plate and long tapered stem holder with large retaining ring. Original flexible stem consisting of a green wire braided hose with a buffalo horn stopper at the end in which a curved flattened buffalo horn mouthpiece with buttons.


Period 1820 - 1850


BowlHeight2.6 in (6.6 cm)
Width1.69 in (4.3 cm)
StemLength3.15 in (8 cm)
Length total27.36 in (69.5 cm)
Pipe type stub stemmed pipe
Pipe shape ocatagonal
Materialblock meerschaum (stone)
Techniqueturned (on a lathe)
Colourivory yellow
Other materialssilver, gold (metal), fabric (fabric), buffalo horn (animal material)
Finish gemonteerd
Traces of use gerookt
Region internationalCentral Europe
Region nationalVienna (province)
TownVienna (?)
Year 2009
Provenance Geldrop, Felix van Tienhoven
Londen, antiekhandel, 2009
Opschrift keerzijde voluit "MONETA ORDINUM PROVINCIARUM FOEDERATARUM BELGI AD LEGEM IMPERII" ofwel munt van de Staten der Verenigde Nederlandse Gewesten volgens de Rijkswet.
Vgl. APM 17.394 deksel met een zilveren munt met de koning van Denemarken.
Don Duco, Object van de maand. Amsterdam, 2001. november 2009, nr 102. Beknopte bespreking van dit exemplaar.

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