Museum number:

APM 2.423


prehistoric pipes


tobacco pipe


cactus shape, cooling fins


Tobacco pipe made of earthenware with a heavy convex bowl, two pointed feet under the bowl and straight flattened stem thinner to the end. Bowl outside decorated with longitudinal cooling fins like a cactus, stem over-width tracks with pressed lines. Brown clay, bowl opening and pointed stem end covered with red iron slip.


Period 300 - 600


BowlHeight3.27 in (8.3 cm)
Width2.64 in (6.7 cm)
StemLength8.86 in (22.5 cm)
Pipe type stem pipe
Pipe shape spherical
Materialpottery (ceramic)
Other materialsengobe slip (ceramic)
Oher techniquespolished
Other coloursred
Traces of use gerookt
ContinentNorth America
Region internationalCentral America
Year 1987
Provenance Tilburg, America Antigua, Ted van Dijck
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Amsterdam, Amsterdam Pipe Museum, permanente presentatie, zaal, vitrine 1, v.a. 2013.

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