Museum number:

APM 19.865


smokers' utensils


pipe case


standing Christ, passion of Christ


Pipe box or pipe case made of walnut (bois de Sainte Lucie) with oval shaped bowl part that folds open along the length and straight stem with a button at the end. Carved entirely in relief with on the bowl the risen Christ with beam and raised left arm, flanked on his left by an angel, on the stem side in a rectangular smooth frame with garlands of fabric on top and bottom on top and leaves under a display of oil lamps, a crown of thorns and more. Stem in four scenes of the Cross of Christ separated by disc-shaped knots, from the stem end to the bowl Jesus prays in Gethsemene with sleeping disciples with an angel on the wing and a cross, above scene two the scourge of the uncovered Jesus, his cloak hanging beside, above the eye as a symbol of God the father enclosed in a triangle as a symbol of the Trinity, scene three Jesus carries the cross, surrounded by soldiers, Simon from Cyrene supports the cross, finally scene four the soldiers focus the cross with Jesus on, lined by women. Bowl part on top circular two-headed plate hinge, brass lock pin and zinc spring clasp.


Period 1770 - 1800


GeneralHeight2.68 in (6.8 cm)
Length9.45 in (24 cm)
Materialboxwood (wood)
Colourlight brown
Other materialsbrass (metal)
Traces of use geen
Region internationalWestern Europe
CountryBelgium (?)
Year 2009
Provenance Riom, veilinghuis Piasa, lot 150
Parijs, collectie Musée de la Seita, 1995-2009, coll. nr 1458
Lyon, Michel Descours, koop 23-05-1995
De foedraal duidt op het lijden van Jezus en zijn opstanding die de gelovige oproept tot waakzaamheid anders wacht de nacht.
Don Duco, Topstukken uit het Pijpenkabinet. Amsterdam, 2010. Hoofdstuk: Een pijpfoedraal met kruiswegstatie. Dit exemplaar.
Don Duco, Hoogtepunten uit het Amsterdam Pipe Museum. Amsterdam, 2020. Hoofdstuk: Een pijpfoedraal met kruiswegstatie. Dit exemplaar.

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