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APM 19.818


porcelain pipes


tobacco pipe


portrait pipe with stems in cassette


Tobacco pipe from porcelain with figural bowl, heel substitute and ascending stem without stub. Bowl head of a Polish man with a thin moustache, a square pointed chin and a cylindrical fur hat, stem a wavy collar with Rococo characteristics, the stem fluted with two edges. Painting of details in natural colours. Original mounting with silver valve cover with half dome shape with holes, a silver spring is soldered to the bowl rim that hangs over the hat. Cuff plate with serrated frame with engraving and the plate with wavy contour, thin stem diameter. Complete with original wooden box with brown leather on the outside, cover stamped along the edge with gold leaf of a piping and blooming flowers, internally glued on green velvet over an interior of cork at the top left above space for the pipe bowl, six ivory stems turned to the right that can be screwed together and of which the half balls are put together at the ends, the stem attachment and the mouthpiece missing.


Period 1765 - 1775


BowlHeight2.99 in (7.6 cm)
Width1.69 in (4.3 cm)
StemLength1.57 in (4 cm)
Other dimensions cassette: 17,8 x 13,4 x ..,3 cm
Pipe type stub stemmed pipe
Pipe shape figural
Materialporcelain (ceramic)
Techniqueprinting mould
Other materialssilver (metal)
Finish glazuur, meerkleuren
Traces of use gerookt
Region internationalWestern Europe
Region nationalSaxony
MakerKöniglichen Sächsischen Porzellan-Manufaktur
Year 2009
Provenance Parijs, Piasa, veilinghuis Nouveau Drouot, lot 153
Parijs, collectie Musée de la Seita, 1977-2009, coll nr J1251
Marseille, collectie Eugène Jance, <1965-1977
Walter Morgenroth, Tabakpfeifen sammeln, Kunstwerke in Porzellan, München, 1989, Tafel VII, Abb 41. Vergelijkbare kop maar latere modellering. Bijschrift: Tabakskopf als Polengesicht mit farbiger Staffierung (ohne Marke), Manufaktur Meissen um 1765, Höhe ca. 7 cm, Silbermontierung; Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte der Stadt Dortmund. Bemerkung: In dem Meissener "Preiss-Courante" vom Jahre 1765 werden aus "Tabaksköpfe mit Gesicht als Pohl", das Stück zu 1 Taler 4 Groschen, angeboten. Duplikate: z.B. ähnliche Ausformung mit anderer Staffierung (ohne Marke); The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Morgenroth, (Pfeifenkunst), 2021, p 131. Ontwerp vermoedelijk door Michel Victor Acier, circa 1764. Rond 1780 wordt de steel van deze pijp vereenvoudigd.
Anoniem, Catalogue de l'exposition consacrée aux tabacs et aux allumettes, au Chateau-Musée de Cagnes-sur-Mer, août-sept. 1969. Paris, 1969. p 19, nr. 852 (collection Jance). Pipe en porcelaine allemande et tuyau en ivoire dans une boîte écrin en cuir. Représente une tête de noble hongrois. Fin du XVIIIe siècle.
Don Duco, Het Parijse museum van de Seita. AmsterdamNieuwsbrief Pijpenkabinet, 6/12, 2009. Dit exemplaar.
Don Duco, Hoogtepunten uit het Amsterdam Pipe Museum. Amsterdam, 2020. hoofdstuk: Poolse karakterkop in etui. Dit exemplaar.
Chateau, Musée de Cagnes-sur-mer, augustus - september 1969.

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