Museum number:

APM 13.607


ethnographic pipes


tobacco pipe


hookah with mounted bowl


Water pipe made of brass consisting of a bottle, connecting piece with two pipes and a bowl with smoke set. Bottle made in brass with soldered stand ring of iron, the conical top decorated with engraving of alternating three wide and three narrow spade-shaped leaves with geometric filling. Around the neck of the bottle an iron ring with a bicycle chain with hook. The threaded spigot in the bottle, consisting of two brass tubes, partially wrapped with fabric and copper wire with nails. Stem in the curve with two spatulas with four-sided cross-section and geometric decoration. Stem end separate brass knuckle, pushed onto a wooden core. Bowl of simply turned earthenware with iron rim and bowl base, connected by narrow iron strips. At the base two copper chains, the one with a lid (the back of a European alarm clock), the other with a pair of tweezers.


Period 1940 - 1970


GeneralHeight24.8 in (63 cm)
Width12.99 in (33 cm)
BowlWidth4.72 in (12 cm)
Pipe type insert pipe
Pipe shape spherical
Materialbrass (metal)
Techniquecast metal
Other materialspottery (ceramic), iron (metal)
Traces of use gerookt
Region nationalPunjab
Year 1993
Provenance Brussel, etnografische winkel, Vossenstraat
India, antiekhandel, 1992
Een goed voorbeeld van een pijp van een nomadenstam, die steeds weer is vernieuwd met als oudste elementen de waterfles, de twee buizen en het mondstuk, de andere onderdelen zijn daarop later vervangen.
Benedict Goes, 25 eeuwen roken; De verwonderlijke vormgeving van de pijp. , 1993. p 66, foto. Dit exemplaar.
Benedict Goes, The Intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes. Leiden, 1993. p 66, foto. Dit exemplaar
Wenen, Österreichisches Tabakmuseum, tentoonstelling "Die 2000 Jährige Geschichte der Tonpfeifen", 23 juni 1994 - 10 september 1994.
Amsterdam, Pijpenkabinet, permanente presentatie, zaal, vitrine 9, v.a. 2002.

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