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APM 12.794


smokers' utensils


pipe case


pipe case for two long pipes, kerf-cut work


Pipe case made of wood for two Gouda pipes with long stems in which the contours for two pipes are visible and which are connected to each other along the length. Outer shape of the pipe bowls is cylindrical, the stem is thinned to the end and has a ring for hanging the object. Stem top notch carving consisting of bands of slashes between which twice a cross band. Pipe case opens with two long narrow sliding lids at the bottom. Under the pipe bowl these lids have a brass mount on which engraved stylized tobacco flowers. Bowl top brass plate with shield shape on which the owner's initials can be engraved within a frame of flowers. Between the two sliders at the bottom written in ink "MODEL D'UN GD. ETUI A DOUBLE COULICES EN BOIS D'ORANGE POUR LONGUES PIPES DE TERRE GRAVE THE 24 POUCES DE HOLLANDE A 24 P." (Model of a lange case with double openings made in orange wood for two long decorated clay pipes from Holland of 24 thumbs length of 24 thumbs (sic)).


Period 1770 - 1800


GeneralHeight2.8 in (7.1 cm)
Length29.53 in (75 cm)
Materialorange wood (wood)
Other materialsbrass (metal)
Finish kerfsnee
Traces of use slijtage
Region internationalWestern Europe
Year 1991
Provenance Parijs, Denise Corbier, antiquaire
Parijs, Serpette, marché aux puces, 1991, prijs Ffr. 9.000 (Dfl. 2.970,-)
Don Duco, De edele kunst van het roken. ZwolleTussen Kunst & Kitsch, II/19, 1993. p 437. Dit exemplaar (detail).
Benedict Goes, 25 eeuwen roken; De verwonderlijke vormgeving van de pijp. , 1993. p 23, foto. Dit exemplaar.
Benedict Goes, The Intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes. Leiden, 1993. p 23, foto. Dit exemplaar.
Ruud van der Neut, Toeback & toebehoren. Baarn, 2001. foto. Dit exemplaar (fragment).
Wenen, Österreichisches Tabakmuseum, tentoonstelling "Die 2000 Jährige Geschichte der Tonpfeifen", 23 juni 1994 - 10 september 1994.
Amsterdam, Pijpenkabinet, permanente presentatie, zaal, vitrine 2, v.a. 2001.

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