Museum number:

APM 12.718


clay pipes


tobacco pipe


bust William of Orange


Tobacco pipe made of clay with figural bowl, without heel with S-shaped curved stem and button end. Bowl head of Prince William of Orange with mustache, trays and millstone collar, hat with narrow edge and small hanging spring left. Under the collar a small bust with a pattern of embroidered clothing. Stem left embossed " PRINS WILLEM I" between braces and "BRIELLE 1 APRIL 1572" and right "300 JARIG BESTAAN VAN NEERLANDS VRIJHEID" (third centennial of the Dutch freedom). Original multi coulor painting. Hat provided with a domed brass valve cover with clamping spring with ball closure.


Period 1872 - 1875


BowlHeight2.6 in (6.6 cm)
Width1.65 in (4.2 cm)
StemLength5.31 in (13.5 cm)
Pipe type stem pipe
Pipe shape figural
Materialpipe clay (ceramic)
Techniquepress moulded
Finish verf, meerkleuren
Traces of use gerookt
Region internationalWestern Europe
CountryThe Netherlands
Region nationalSouth Holland
MakerFirma P. van der Want Gzn., Ivora (?)
Year 1991
Provenance Brussel, collectie Jean-Léo Rostagni, 1951-1991
Brussel, antiekhandel, 1951
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Amsterdam, Pijpenkabinet, permanente presentatie, achterkamer, vitrine Gouda, v.a. 2001.

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