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APM 12.563


porcelain pipes


tobacco pipe




Tobacco pipe made of porcelain with stummel bowl, heel and straight insertion stem narrowing with screw thread. Bowl hand painted in multi colour of a campfire with a standing army commander on the right with a saber to the ground and behind the fire three hands warming soldiers and left a soldier throwing wood on the fire, background trees with a Napoleonic army tent in the distance. Under the scene in gold "BOIS DE BOULOGNE". Bowl reverse in gold in arch form "WATERLOO, DEN 18.TEN JUNY 1815" and below "A.F. VON BULOW". Bowl base, heel and stem gilt, on the heel inscription "SEVRES". Silver valve cover (without hall marks) with pearl edge around the bowl opening and raised openwork edge in which a winding line, on the top a rosette-shaped flower, the spring clip closure in the form of a snake with the head downwards.


Year 1815


BowlHeight3.86 in (9.8 cm)
Width1.34 in (3.4 cm)
StemLength1.38 in (3.5 cm)
Pipe type insert pipe
Pipe shape high oval stummel porcelain bowl
Materialporcelain (ceramic)
Techniqueslip cast
Other materialssilver (metal)
Finish glazuur, meerkleuren
Traces of use gerookt
Region internationalWestern Europe
Region nationalIle de France
Maker Manufacture Royale
Mark "SEVRES" (geschilderd, hiel)
Year 1991
Provenance Vincennes, marché aux puces
Le Havre, antiekhandel, 1991
Pijp aangeboden aan Friedrich Wilhelm Bülow von Dennewitz (1755-1816).
Vgl. Encyclopédie du Tabac, Paris, 1975, p 416 (t.o.) plaat LIII. Bivak in Bois de Boulogne, 1815 (Historisches Museum, Hannover). Zelfde decoratieschema, de rechter figuur in dezelfde houding en kleiding. Idem, p 443. Kampement van de geallieerden in Bois de Boulogne, datering 07-07-1815 (Musée de Sèvres).
Deze pijpenkop is gemaakt in de korte periode dat de Sèvresfabriek Duits bezit was, in het tweede semester van 1815 volgens zeggen in 493 exemplaren voor of in opdracht van generaal Von Bulow.
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Amsterdam, Pijpenkabinet, permanente presentatie, voorkamer, stummelvitrine, 1999-2013.
Amsterdam, Amsterdam Pipe Museum, permanente presentatie, voorkamer, stummelvitrine, v.a. 2013.

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