Museum number:

APM 11.136


clay pipes


tobacco pipe


groom's pipe, wall cabinet with bouquet


Groom pipe and bridal bouquet in wooden wall cabinet. Tobacco pipe in rectangular box with sawn accolade edge, on which stands a vertical box with the bouquet with ribbons, also with a sawn accolade edge but with triangular paneld, on both sides the initials of the man and woman, respectively "RVK" and “CSM" and with a double wave motif as an outer edge, profiled straight upper frame, along the base five cut open stars and the year 1898. Painted wood pattern with gold paint along the edges, blue interior Bouquet and pipe stained with golden leaves and red, pink and white fabric flowers and some ribbons.


Year 1898


GeneralHeight22.44 in (57 cm)
Width24.41 in (62 cm)
Length3.54 in (9 cm)
Pipe type tobacco pipe
Colourbrown, miscellaneous
Other materialsglass (inorganic material)
Finish verf, meerkleuren
Traces of use slijtage
Region internationalWestern Europe
CountryThe Netherlands
Region nationalDrenthe
Year 1989
Provenance Assen, collectie Harry Tupan, 1978-1989
Borger, veiling Baerveldt, 1978, prijs Dfl. 450,-
Vgl. APM 11.136bis beschrijving kleipijp.
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