Museum number:

APM 10.831


clay pipes


wrought long stemmed pipes


"HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE", coat of arms


Show piece consisting of a panel with twenty clay pipes with braided stems of a meter length from the showroom of P. Goedewaagen & Zoon in Gouda. Centrally twelve long stemmed pipes which are braided per four and from which the stem ends fan out. Two times two pipes on each side, each with a single curl in the stem, the ends twisted together. Double twisted curl shaped pipes in the four corners of the panel. The clay pipes are made in the same mould and all have a large oval bowl with heel and straight stem with smooth cut stem end. Bowl stem side embossed the coat of arms of the kingdom Hannover with the garter with the motto "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE", shield held by a standing lion on the left and a standing unicorn on a chain on the right, both placed on a ground, with the text "DIEU ET MON DROIT". Bowl mould seam reverse side crowned coat of arms of Gouda surrounded by two entwined mandrakes. Stem embossed a band with shells, followed by a slanted tendril, stem inscription left "P. GOEDEWAAGEN & ZOON" and stem right "GOUDA HOLLAND".


Year 1897


GeneralHeight53.15 in (135 cm)
Width29.53 in (75 cm)
Pipe type stem pipe
Pipe shape oval
Materialpipe clay (ceramic)
Techniquepress moulded
Other materialsplaster frame (stone), glass (inorganic material), wood
Traces of use ongebruikt
Region internationalWestern Europe
CountryThe Netherlands
Region nationalSouth Holland
MakerFirma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon
Trade number 2
Trade name gesneden 37 duimer
Year 1978
Provenance Schoonloo, Aart Goedewaagen
Gouda, Koninklijke Goedewaagen, Wachtelstraat, directiekamer, 1977-1978
Gouda, Koninklijke Goedewaagen, Jaagpad, 1919-1977
Gouda, firma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon, 1909-1919
Documentatiemap waarin diverse foto's en knipsels over dit object.
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