Today the most common material for making a pipe is Briar wood, Erica arborea, this is a shrub which grows in the Mediterranean area including North-Africa.This briar pipe is what you see any pipe smoker with.

We have briar pipes in a price range starting at € 50,- , but the more special designs and freehands for around a thousand as well.
A speciality in our assortment is the choise in rare vintage pipes, brands that have long dissapreared from the market, that are no longer produced. Some of these brands are sought after for their 1950's design or superb quality briar wood.

We serve the pipe smoker for 25 years now and have the largest selection of briar pipes in the Netherlands.
Brands that you can always find with us in a wide choice are:

  • Peterson
  • Dunhill
  • Savinelli
  • Talamona
  • Butz-Choquin
  • Chacom
    and off course the Dutch made
  • Big Ben

In addition, pipes from the more exclusive brands, with many freehands:

  • Paul Winslow
  • Mastro da Paya
  • Ascorti
  • Ser Jacopo


The second most comon material is Meerschaum, but only to be found in a specialized pipe shop, like ours. We import the meerschaum pipes directly from Turkey and can guarantee that you will buy a real block meerschaum. This soft and porous material guarantees good smoking quality. Although most striking pipes have a hand-cut pipe bowl, most smokers prefer a simple smooth finish for use. We have these in all sizes in stock.