Repair and maintenance of your pipe

Amsterdam Pipe Shop is known for its service and quality. This includes advice on pipe maintenance.

Repairs such as replacing a stem or repairing a broken tap are carried out in our own workshop. Needless to say, maintenance (scraping out the carbon layer, polishing the wooden bowl or rubber mouthpiece) is part of our professional treatment. This will visibly improve the pipe, and hopefully you will enjoy even more smoking your pipe. After all, the pipe is a personal item that you like to hold in your hand, even close to your eyes. So the looks of the pipe does matter.

Finding an address for pipe repairs is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only the number of specialized and expert pipe shops is decreasing, but especially the traditional craftsmanship required for pipe repair is dying out. By setting up our own workshop and training a repairer for this specialized work, Amsterdam Pipe Shop can offer an adequate service.

To our regret, demand is greater than we can handle. Therefore, we may not accept pipes that are not purchased from our store for repair. This sometimes has to do with the fact that the pipe was already of poor quality when purchased, so that repair hardly makes any sense. We hope you understand our choice in this regard.

Nevertheless, you are always free to come to us with questions. You can expect reasonable advice.

You can even call on Amsterdam Pipe Shop workshop for the restoration of antique pipes. With the help of a depot of old and antique parts, the pipe is - if possible - assembled into a stylish whole.