Clay tobacco pipes from the Churchstreet in Aalten, the Netherlands

Don Duco

Original Title:
Kleipijpen uit de Kerkstraat in Aalten

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Stichting Pijpenkabinet

Description :
Archaeological report about seventeenth century clay pipes of unexpected local origin.

Fig. 1a.
Fig. 1b.

Abstract: This article describes and interpretes a group of pipe fragments found in the village Aalten in the far east of the Netherlands. At first glance the fragments do not look very important, nevertheless they bring up a lot of new information on smoking and the pipes available in a small Dutch village.

Fig. 2a.
Fig. 2b.

The products are all made in an unknown workshop in the eastern part of Holland following exactly the pipes in the larger cities of the province of Holland. The local maker executed the pipes in quite a crude finishing, apparently not being able to realize a better result. It is for the first time that materials from a village are found and discussed proving more about the local orientation of the pipe craft.

Fig. 3a.
Fig. 3b.

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© D.H. Duco, Pijpenkabinet Foundation, Amsterdam - Holland, 2008.

1. Bowl of clay tobacco pipe with bi-conical shape (basis shape 1) with regional characteristics. The Netherlands, Achterhoek, 1640-1655.

2. Stem of a clay pipe with centre of gravity decoration in relief showing lilies in diamonds. The Netherlands, Achterhoek, 1640-1655.

3. Pipe bowl with four leaves at the base of the bowl executed in baroque style. The Netherlands, Achterhoek, 1640-1655.

4. The complete find group.

Fig. 4a. 
Fig. 4b. 
Fig. 4c. 

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